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Our Bulk Wine

These are our table wines, fresh and drinkable, ideal for accompanying everyday meals.

We sell them in bulk, in bottles and in demijohns in our winery, or in 5 and 10 liter Bags in Box formats.


This white wine is made of a blend of Favorita and Arneis grapes. Its color is pale straw yellow and it has a delicate and fruity scent. The taste is pleasing, soft and velvety.

Ideal with starters and fish dishes and is great for accompanying aperitifs.


This red table wine is made with Barbera grapes. Its color is ruby red; the taste is dry and slightly sour.

Ideal as a wine that accompanies all daily meals and goes particularly well with antipasti made with meat and seasoned cheeses.


A particular wine, the result of a recent ‘rediscovery’ by local wine growers and consumers of Pelaverga vine.

It’s a very fresh red wine, easily drinkable, with an important alcoholic content and. Unlike most red wines, it can also be savored fresh.

I Dossi

A red wine made with Dolcetto grapes, its color is a lively ruby-red with purple reflections.

The aroma is delicate and fruity, with a fresh, round, dry and slightly bitter flavor. Ideal as a wine for all meals, it goes well with antipasti and pasta dishes, especially if seasoned with meat sauce.


A red wine made with Nebbiolo grapes, it is characterized by a more important structure.

Its scent is fruity and characteristic of purple; in the mouth it’s dry, velvety and harmonious. It goes well with dishes of great texture such as well dressed pasta dishes, second meat courses and well-seasoned cheeses.

What’s a Bag in Box?

A Bag in Box is a bulk wine container, made with plastic material (Bag) for food enclosed inside a cardboard box (Box).

The bag is filled without taking in any air, while simultaneously you can “spill” the wine from the tap without introducing oxygen. In this way, the organoleptic qualities of the wine are preserved for a longer period, thus greatly reducing the risk of oxidation.

We have 5 and 10 liter Bag in Box formats.

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Bag in Box prices are:

  • 5 liters € 21,20
  • 10 liters  39,20


If you buy a 10 liter Bag in Box package, or two 5 liter Bag in Box packages, delivery costs are free of charge throughout all of Italy, including the islands!

Optimize shipping costs abroad by purchasing at least 15 liters of wine.

Click here to find out the details of the costs.

Angelo Borgogno Wines

Buy our Angelo Borgogno wines online through ShopLanghe.

Shipping costs in Italy are free of charge when buying at least 6 bottles.

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